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Atomy Font

The Atomy font can be downloaded free of charge.
It can be used in a range of different media, such as videos, print, online and more.
No permission or approval process is required before use.

Download installation guide

Download Atomy Font


Window 97, Window 98, Window xp,
Window Vista, Window 10



OS X 10.4 or later

※ Commercial activities such as selling or distributing Atomy font for a fee are not permitted.
※ Use in company logos, negative images, or in any kind of anti-social activity is not permitted.

Design concept

Latin alphabet

The graphic motif of a swan’s wings has been simplified to become the rounded beginning or end of each stroke.
This symbolizes Atomy’s bold forward-facing spirit.
Moreover, the balanced, outward-facing strokes represent Atomy’s development and its global corporate outlook.

Asentline, X-height,Baseline,Desentline

Korean alphabet

Font Specifications

Atomy’s universal font has one headline font and two fonts for running copy, which amount to three fonts in total.

Atomy Headline Font Atomy Copy Font
Bold Medium Light
 Bold Fonts images Medium Fonts images Light Fonts images
Korean 11,172 characters
Symbol 986 characters
Basic Latin 94 characters
Chinese (Merged with Yoon-gothic) 4,888 characters

The font is optimized for the user interface and is designed so that the stroke thickness is proportional in both vertical and horizontal strokes.

Light, Medium, Bold sample images

Examples of incorrect use

The examples below highlight incorrect use of the font.
Please make sure Atomy font is not distorted or changed in any way.

Stretching the font horizontally
Stretching the font horizontally sample images
Altering the angle of inclination
Altering the angle of inclination sample images
Applying a border
Applying a border sample images
Stretching the font vertically
Stretching the font vertically sample images
Changing the font thickness
Changing the font thickness sample images
Applying a pattern
Applying a pattern sample images